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Wood Species

We take great care to grain and color match so your wood parts look uniform in relation to one another. Below are samples and descriptions of the wood species we sell.

For outdoor use, we recommend Mahogany.

Please keep in mind that monitor colors can vary widely, the wood images shown are for quick reference only.

Finishing Services

The finished swatches were produced using clear Monocoat, an all-natural, plant-based, VOC-free and completely nontoxic oil finish. Monocoat finishes are exceptionally durable, easily maintained, and provide a subtle luster that reveals and complements the natural grain and patina of the wood.

Species Unfinished | Finished  
Cherry Hard. Red brown color mellows beautifully with age. Some yellowish sapwood is natural. We don’t select for sap-free wood, but guarantee 25% or less sap per leg. This allows you to turn the sap “to the inside” so it doesn’t show.
Soft Maple Harder than most hardwoods. The economical hardwood choice. Readily accepts paint. Color is creamy to whitish, taking on a golden hue as it ages.
Hard Maple Very hard. Stronger and heavier than soft maple. Color is more uniform and lighter than soft maple.
Red Oak Very dense with reddish and golden tones. Accepts stain beautifully. Porous grain must be filled before painting.
White Oak Light brown color with longer ray fleck than red oak. Signature wood of Mission & Stickley style.
White Pine Soft wood, best value. Prominent knots can bleed through paint finishes. Maple can be a better choice for painting & for high-use durability.
Alder A popular hardwood very similar to cherry, but not as dense. Some pin knots.
Mahogany Variable color from yellowish to lustrous red. Accepts stain well. Also useful for outdoor furniture and house parts that will be sealed up with coatings or are under cover.
Black Walnut Heartwood varies from lightest brown to deep chocolate. Sapwood is whitish to yellowish brown. It is common to stain sapwood to match heartwood. Open grain may require filling before staining.


Looking for the finest oil finish product around? We now carry Monocoat Natural Oil.


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