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Custom Milling Services

Save time with value added milling services such as splitting, notching, mortising & tenoning. Milling Services for table legs, columns and funiture bun feet.
Save shop time, labor and money. Order customized milling services precision-machined into your furniture parts.
You'll save hours of labor. Parts milled with custom services install in seconds.
Your risk of costly cutting mistakes disappears. Accuracy is guaranteed to be error free or you don't pay. Period.
Milling Services
Less waste. Less labor. More value.
Read more about these popular add-on Milling Services.

V Notching
V Notching is a through cut that yields a three-quarter turning.
Stop Notching
Leg is partially notched, as a V Cut Notch or Split Stop Notch.
Splits a leg or column into two equal halves.
Custom Scaling
Order Custom Scaling to get any of the Classic Doric Columns and Doric Columns No Blocks, scaled down to exactly the height you need.
Mortising The mortise is the slot in the leg post.
Tenoning The tenon is the projecting tab at the end of the apron.
Custom Table Base 700-L Table Leg
Custom Base Kits Get exactly what you want in the size you need when you order a Custom Base Kit.
Shelf Notching on Kitchen Island Legs
Shelf Notching Speed your production time by ordering precision milled Shelf Notching on
furniture legs.
Hardware for Furniture Bun Feet
Bun Foot Hardware & Service Easily attach bun feet and table legs with these hardware options.
All sold installed to the legs and bun feet you order or sold separately.
Table Leg Corner Brace Prep
Corner Brace Leg Prep Have your legs bored and notched for easy Corner Brace Kit installation.
Choose either four quarters or one half with two quarters.
Leg Cutting
Leg Cutting We'll cut legs, columns and dowels to your specifications.
Apron Cutting
Apron Cutting Let us cut aprons, stretchers or mouldings.


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