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Hairpin Legs

Hairpin Metal Legs
Hairpin legs are great for many reasons. Here are three:
Truth to materials. Strong steel wire makes a lofty, light looking table leg. The hairpin leg is minimalist, which puts the visual focus onto the character of the tabletop.
Hairpin legs attach in a jiffy to most anything wood. If you are handy with a screw
gun, have a rough plank or smooth door, you can have a table in about ten minutes.
(Or, you can buy a tabletop from us.)
The look. Way cool. ‘Nuf said.
Hairpin Coffee Table
with Walnut Tabletop
Hairpin Dining Table
with Maple Tabletop
Design your own tabletop. Click here for table top details.

Hairpin Legs 16”
16" height, 3/8" thickness

Hairpin Legs 24”
24" height, 3/8" thickness

Hairpin Legs 3-Rod 28"
28" height, 1/2" thickness

Hairpin Legs 28”
28" height, 1/2" thickness

History of the Hairpin Table Leg
The hairpin table leg did not exist before 1941, when Industrial Designer Henry P. Glass (1911-2003) conjured the form from his fertile imagination. He had just moved from his native Austria to New York City in 1939.
Glass tells the hairpin leg story himself, 60 years later:
"I had one stroke of luck: At Sanders, I had met one of his friends, Russel Wright. He liked my work and when, in 1941 he launched his campaign "American Way,” he honored me with an important assignment, to design a complete line of wrought iron furniture. I created a rather startling group of tables, chairs, sofas, etc. which commanded immediate and favourable attention in the trade press, particularly in the weekly "Home Furnishings." Its editor in chief, Alfred Auerbach, coined the name "Hairpin Group" because of the shape of the "steel wire" legs. It was a great success, mainly in the media, I don't know how much of this furniture was actually sold in stores. It certainly created a trend, countless furniture pieces of all kinds were put on "hairpin" legs for several years. Samples of this group are today in the collection of several museums, such as the College for Applied Arts in Vienna and the Art Institute of Chicago."
— IDSA interview with Henry P. Glass, October 2001
Later in the interview Mr. Glass, who spent more than 6 decades designing tables, chairs, automobiles, houses and more, states that the hairpin leg was the product of which he was the most proud.
Mr. Glass was blessed with a long life. He got to see his hairpin legs on "countless furniture pieces of all kinds." He got to see hairpin furniture legs become part of permanent museum collections. Today, hairpin legs are a hallmark of mid-century modern furniture design.
You know us for crafting classic wooden table legs. And we do have a deep inventory of wooden mid-century modern furniture leg designs. However, we certainly recognize that no mid-century modern table leg collection would be complete without metal hairpin legs. And so, it is with great pride that we make our very first metal table leg, the hairpin leg.


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