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Doric Columns No Blocks, Fluted

Doric Wood Columns No Blocks, Fluted
Fluting adds a formal touch to these Doric Columns, available in 36" and 42" heights. Add blocks to these large columns for even longer lengths. Use in the kitchen or bath, on furniture or for your architectural needs.
Custom-height Doric columns available. Choose the standard size just longer than your specific need, then specify custom scaling to get this column scaled down to your exact height requirement.
Split, notch or V-cut column for added versatility.

Fluted Doric Columns 36" No Blocks
3 11/16" top width
4 3/8" base width
36" height

Fluted Doric Columns 42" No Blocks
3 11/16" top width
4 3/8" base width
42" height


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