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Sustainability - a way of life. photo by
Jimmy Herrity
Vermont is a state with a stellar environmental record. From the nation’s first bottle-return laws and anti-billboard legislation, through landmark development tools that control sprawl and conserve farmland, we are pleased to live and work in a state that has made an enormous difference, and has served as a model for the region, nation
and the world.
The greenest building is one that’s already built.
Adaptive re-use of existing infra-structure is the ultimate ‘green building’ technique. We are very proud to have re-colonized an abandoned turn-of-the-last-century brick building situated in the heart of downtown St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
Our operations have in no way contributed to sprawl, or destruction of surrounding farmland. We utilize existing road, water supply, wastewater and electrical infrastructure. We walk to local banks with our paychecks, stroll to the Hilltopper for lunch, visit the lending library six doors down, all while leaving the car in the car park.
Hardwood Forestry Fund Funding tree planting for new forests.
We believe in sustainable business practices. This
is why we support the Hardwood Forestry Fund – they plant the tree species we sell.
The Hardwood Forestry Fund is dedicated to establishing sustainable hardwood forests through tree planting, forest management and educational programs on public lands across America. More at
In support of local agriculture.
Family farms are an important part of the Vermont economy. We support local agriculture by donating all of our sawdust and wood shavings to local farmers, who use it for bedding for calf and cow.
100% of our solid wood waste is donated to deserving families in the community who use it to heat their homes.
We convert our surplus boxboard into packing.
Made right here.
Unlike other vendors, we don’t operate a 10,000 mile supply chain with the Asian woodworking industry. 98% of what we sell is made right here in our Vermont woodshop. Your purchase helps provide great local jobs for the skilled craftspeople who live in this very rural part of our nation. More than 25 local families prosper when you purchase from
Our mission statement can be found here.
For an interesting report on the state of America's forests, click here.

84 Central Street, St. Johnsbury, Vermont Our Headquarters, circa 1920.

Hardwood Forestry Fund Tree Species Planted 1990-2009 Hardwood Forestry Fund
Tree Species Planted 1990-2009

Supporting local farms. Shavings and sawdust keep cows
and calves clean and dry.

Your purchase helps us provide continued support to three fine forest conservation programs. Please visit them to learn more about their mission.
Center for Northern Woodlands Education
American Forest Foundation
American Tree Farm System


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