Easy-Locking Caster with Threaded Insert 4"

Item No: HX-CAST-400 Dim: 4" Overall Height | Block: 4" x 4"


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Product Details

Create portable furniture: Swiveling caster ideal for mobile tables, sofas, benches and more

Strong and sturdy: Manufactured from high-quality metal and high-impact plastic—not your ordinary caster!

Locks in place: Stepping on the lever locks your furniture in a stable position

Simple to install: Drill a pilot hole, install the threaded insert and thread these right into your furniture legs or mounting surface

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Prevent fatigue and muscle strain with our Easy-Locking Caster. This is a great choice for anyone creating a bar cart, movable kitchen island, hall table or sofa. High quality metal, high-impact plastic, and smooth swivel action makes an effortless solution for portable furniture. Simply step to lock your furniture in place with minimal-profile locking levers.

Installing Easy-Locking Casters requires a little woodworking skill.

You’ll need:


  1. With the 11/16" drill bit, bore a pilot hole in the center of the bottom of your table leg or furniture foot—no less than 13/16” deep. We recommend using a drill press to make the pilot hole.
  2. Chamfer the edges of the pilot hole to prevent tear out.
  3. Using the Threaded Insert Drive Bit, install the Threaded Insert into the hole.
  4. Now you're ready to spin your Easy-Locking Caster snugly into the Threaded Insert.

For an even easier way to attach casters to your furniture, check out Easy-Locking Caster with Mounting Block 5"

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