Extra Large Foursquare Coffee Table Leg 3.5" x 18"

Item No: LC-FSQU-18X-SM Dim: 3 1/2" W x 18" H

Wood Type:
Corner Style:

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Timeless. Traditional. Rustic.  Crafted from 3½’’ stock, this is our largest Foursquare coffee table leg. Being so thick, this leg is ideal for supporting large, particularly rustic coffee tables. This leg is also well suited to support sturdy benchtops. The simplicity and fundamental style of the square leg is timeless and consistently appropriate for countless architectural and furniture designs.

Foursquare legs come in two corner styles. You can buy our Foursquare legs with ⅜" radiused corners or a crisp edge with a slight chamfer. The gently radiused corner detail makes for a softer profile. This leg fits squarely into the retro design realm. The chamfered edge lends a crisp, pure line—ideal for a Parsons table

The Foursquare leg is perfect for “no fuss furniture.” Showcased with no ornamentation, our Foursquare leg is appropriate for projects where visual emphasis is desired on other components of the piece of furniture rather than the legs, or in projects where a simple, traditional, squared look is desired. Our Foursquare leg is also great for retro projects that showcase boxy style, or rustic projects that require an intentional look of strength and simplicity. This leg is scaled for tops in the 1’’ range. Unfinished, sanded with 180-grit paper. Choose your finish.

NOTE: Always prepare your components properly: Before using paint, stain or varnish with your project, carefully inspect each component and prepare it to achieve the desired outcome.

Need more than table legs? Upgrade to a table base, add a solid hardwood table top, or buy as a complete finished or unfinished table

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