Holiday Schedule 2020

Please observe the following dates for the holiday season:


November 17

 Last day to order any finished table or table top in time for Christmas.

November 23

 Last day to order any unfinished table or table top or finished table base in time for Christmas.

 November 26 & 27 

 Closed for Thanksgiving

December 9

 Last day to order any unfinished table base in time for Christmas.

December 14

 Last day to order most unfinished turned parts in time for Christmas.

December 16

 Last day to order next day shipping items in time for Christmas.

December 24

 Closing at noon

December 25

 Closed - Merry Christmas! 

January 1

 Closed - Happy New Year!

January 2

 Open for business!


For more information please call us at 1-800-748-3480

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