Large Foursquare Dining Table Leg 3.5" x 29"

Item No: LD-FSQU-29L-SM Dim: 3 1/2" W x 29" H

Wood Type:
Corner Style:

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Product Details

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Clean. Sturdy. Functional. Crafted from 3½" stock, our new large Foursquare dining table leg is a crisp, clean design featuring right angles at every corner, each eased by a gentle radius. Structurally, the leg has perfect symmetry and a strong, sturdy silhouette, making it ideal for bold farmhouse style tables as well as rustic projects that require a squared look.

Two corner styles add versatility. You can buy our Foursquare legs with ⅜" radiused corners or a crisp edge with a slight chamfer. The gently radiused corner detail makes for a softer profile. This leg fits squarely into the retro design realm. The chamfered edge lends a crisp, pure line—ideal for a Parsons table.

The large Foursquare dining table leg lends itself well to projects that showcase a clean, “no-fuss” style, as well as rustic or country-style projects that complement this leg’s heft. This leg is perfect for supporting workbenches. Scaled for tops in the 1" range. This part is available in 8 species. Unfinished, sanded with 180-grit paper. Choose your finish. 

NOTE: Always prepare your components properly: Before using paint, stain or varnish with your project, carefully inspect each component and prepare it to achieve the desired outcome.

Need more than table legs? Upgrade to a table base, add a solid hardwood table top, or buy as a complete finished or unfinished table.

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