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    Foursquare Coffee Table Base, 18" Extra Large Leg

    Timeless. Traditional. Rustic. Straight from Vermont. Our beefiest Foursquare coffee table leg is crafted from 3.5" stock and is ideal for supporting hefty or rustic coffee tables—the kind of stuff we use in Vermont. The Foursquare leg is perfect...

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Wood Coffee Table Base Kits

Our wood coffee table base kits are only handcrafted in the United States from premium solid wood types. Choose from Maple, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak or Walnut. Mahogany may also be available, please call us at 1-800-748-3480 to check for availability.

Custom sizing is offered on all table base kits. Whether you want a square or rectangular coffee table base, we can make it for you! They come with your choice of joinery, traditional mortise and tenon, or the new and improved EasyBase™ for a table that assembles in minutes with just one supplied tool, no glue or clamps required.

All necessary hardware is included for your convenience. Aprons come with pre-drilled pocket holes to make mounting your table top effortless, just align it and screw it on.

Choose from a wide variety of modern, traditional and industrial style table legs for your base. Premium table tops as well as complete coffee table kits are also offered, crafted from the same high-quality wood. These wood bases for coffee tables can also be matched with our dining table bases.

At, we make it easy to create a gorgeous, heirloom-quality DIY coffee table base for your living room. All our coffee table legs and bases are hand-crafted in the Unites States. 

How to assemble an EasyBase™ Coffee Table Base:

  1. Position the table aprons upside down on the floor
  2. Align the corner blocks 
  3. Attach the table legs to the table base with one supplied tool - a T-wrench

That's it! Turn your table right side up and admire your new heirloom-quality coffee table base - less than 10 minutes start to finish