Metal + Industrial: Table Bases

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Metal + Industrial Table Bases

Order an EasyBase™ table base from You'll get just the base you want for a heavy duty metal and industrial dining table base, industrial coffee table bases, desks, kitchen islands and more. Why spend hours waiting for the glue to dry when you can have your Industrial metal table base ready to go in just minutes?

Add a Table Top! Pair your metal or vintage industrial table base or direct attachment legs with one of our wide-board, solid hardwood table tops crafted in Vermont. These tops are hand made from 6.5” or wider boards. Our kiln-dried woods are carefully matched for grain and color. Choose your size, species, thickness and edge profile.

Add A Custom Table Top

Or upgrade to a Complete Metal or Industrial Style Table. Instead of ordering your table top and base separately, why not order them together? We make it easy to order a complete table with everything you need included. Select from our most popular EasyBase™ designs or use our complete table configurator and take advantage of over 1,000,000 unique combinations.

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