Resources & How-Tos

Mid Century Modern Table Making Made Easy

Mid-Century Modern (MCM) furniture designers are renowned for creating appealing tables that masterfully ‘float’ wood table tops above minimalist table bases. The best of these designers achieved this … read more

Table Top Thickness

A Guide to Choosing Table top Thickness - Thick or Thin? A well-made table top will last you a lifetime, so you want to be informed when shopping for a custom top. Table top thickness is rare … read more

Hairpin Leg Helpfuls

Installation Templates: Download "How To" guide for installing hairpin legs on a round table. Download "How To" guide for installing hairpin legs on a square table.Design considerationsYou can … read more

Dining Table Design Basics

Dining tables are humble, hardworking home furnishings. We eat at them day after day, pretty them up for holiday dinners, yet pound on them when we need a work table. A well-made table requires alm … read more

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