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6 Ways to Make a Stronger Table

We guarantee that our products will hold a reasonable amount of weight when used for their intended purposes. Any of our table legs can withstand many hundreds, even thousands of pounds of downward … READ MORE.

8 Easy Ways To Attach Furniture Feet

Our furniture feet can be used under beds, sofas, cabinets, book cases, chests of drawers, case pieces, upholstered chairs, ottomans, risers, media cabinets, and more. When you buy feet from us, … READ MORE.

8 Easy Ways To Attach Table Legs

Our furniture legs can be used under dining tables, desks, coffee tables, kitchen counters and islands, vanities, end tables, benches and more. When you buy legs from us, you’ll be able to select … READ MORE.

Dining Table Design Basics

By Matthew Burak, Founder, Dining tables are humble, hardworking home furnishings. We eat at them daily, decorate them for holiday dinners, even work on them from time to time. A g … READ MORE.

The Anatomy of a Table Leg

There’s more to the design of a table leg than meets the eye. Each part of the leg is designed for a specific purpose, be it practical or aesthetic. These characteristics can make a big difference … READ MORE.

How It All Started

By Matthew Burak, Founder, TableLegs.comMy passion for the architecture and furnishings of colonial America was so strong that, in 1979, I uprooted my family from Bellingham, Washington and moved … READ MORE.

How to Choose Your Table Legs

Legs Scaled For Different Heights and ApplicationsWhen the dimensions of a particular style are altered, the proportions of the entire leg changes. At, we carefully proportion each size … READ MORE.

How to Apply Monocoat Finish

Rubio Monocoat is the woodworkers' finish of choice. It is quick to dry, easy to apply, easy to maintain and non-toxic. Monocoat enhances the natural beauty of the wood without drastically altering th … READ MORE.

Perfect Pair of Shaker Tables

Matching coffee and end tables have more in common than great looks. Learn in a recent article published in WOOD magazine about how to beautify your living space with Shaker table legs from TableLe … READ MORE.

Matt's Manifesto on Matters of Design

About By Matthew Burak, Founder, Standing in a hotel lobby years ago, I began to study a particularly attractive antique leg under a serving table. After some time, … READ MORE.

A Woodworker's Glossary

Speaking our shared language—test your woodworking vocabulary against this glossary of common and not-so-common woodcraft words.Antiquing: To take a new piece of furniture, or furniture … READ MORE.

Mid-Century Modern Table Making Made Easy

Mid-Century Modern (MCM) furniture designers are renowned for creating appealing tables that masterfully ‘float’ wooden table tops above minimalist table bases. The best of these designers achieved th … READ MORE.

Hairpin Leg Helpfuls

Installation Templates: Download "How To" guide for installing hairpin legs on a round table. Download "How To" guide for installing hairpin legs on a square table.Design considerationsYou can … READ MORE.

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