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  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Federal Dining Table, Large Fluted Leg

    Classic Federal styling at a larger scale. This table goes well in contemporary and historical settings—timeless and elegant, and a distinctly American look with European accents. This style is also described as neoclassical or even American...

    Starting at $767.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Walnut White Oak

    McCobb Mid-Century Modern Dining Table with Aprons

    Named in honor of American designer Paul McCobb, these legs are some of our bestsellers, perfect for the modern minimalist.  Specifications: Legs: 29" x 2.375" McCobb Mid-Century Modern Dining Table Legs (LD-MCCB-29) Aprons: 4" square Top...

    Starting at $412.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Parsons Dining Table, Thin Leg

    Our interpretation of the Parsons table has all the defining qualities of the original created almost a century ago. Slight variations from the original, such as lightly recessed aprons, are intended to update the classic design and broaden its stylistic...

    Starting at $382.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Durham Dining Table

    Four-sided, Durham table legs make infinitely useful tables of any size, small to large. The leg on this table results in a relaxed design, with lightness and grace. Depending on what finish you plan to use, this table is right for formal or farmhouse...

    Starting at $487.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Hepplewhite Dining Table

    Distinctly delicate. This table, in the high-style design popularized by English furniture designer George Hepplewhite, is clean and unadorned. The Hepplewhite design is one of the most-used in history, and this table is completely compatible with other...

    Starting at $382.95 each
  • Maple Cherry White Oak Walnut

    Wegner Danish Modern Dining Table with Aprons

    Holding true to the spirit of Danish Modernism and the internationally revered style and reputation of Danish furniture designer, Hans Wegner, we offer this light, slightly curved, tapering dining table leg. Specifications: Legs: 29" x 2" Wegner...

    Starting at $412.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Farmhouse Dining Table

    You are looking at our timeless Farmhouse Dining Table that is expertly designed and crafted to give a rustic charm to modern dining. With a nod towards traditional styles, this table effortlessly complements a broad range of interior designs with bold...

    Starting at $507.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Country Sheraton Dining Table

    Practical versatility—and our bestselling dining table leg. Inspired by a newell post in the home of our designer Matthew Burak, the Country Sheraton legs are casually styled for today's more relaxed living environments, with a nod toward...

    Starting at $437.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Juhl Dining Table, Extra Thin Leg

    Finn Juhl was the godfather of Danish Modernism in America. His ideas have influenced the style of contemporary American furniture design, as well as American architecture. Our Juhl Extra Thin Dining Leg is a homage to the relaxed, practical, stylish...

    Starting at $397.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    French Farm Dining Table

    French Farm furniture is earthy, relaxed and practical. Thanks to the leg design, this table is both shapely and sturdy—at home in a farmhouse or in a formal setting. Design touches accent simplicity, representing great Vermont-made design without...

    Starting at $507.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Limbert Dining Table

    Something fresh for Craftsman-era furniture! This slender leg fuses European and Japanese elements into a distinctly American dining-table leg. The flared leg shape on this table features a stable base while two sides taper upward into a subtle, curving...

    Starting at $477.95 each
  • Maple Cherry

    Country Cabriole Dining Table

    French flair in our Country Cabriole. The cyma-curved legs on this table, characteristic of the cabriole design popularized in 18th Century Europe, end crisply after an outward curve, for a clean transition to the table aprons and top. The legs are...

    Starting at $592.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Durham Dining Table, Extra Large Leg

    These Durham legs are the thickest legs in our four-sided tapered series. As such, the Durham design is ideal for the beefiest dining tables, more relaxed designs and even rustic, country furniture. The table top has clean lines evident in the square...

    Starting at $1,001.13 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Parsons 6 Legged Dining Table, Thin Leg

    Go large: The ideal solution for really big tables Square post form: Perfect for modern, minimalist and contemporary dining tables Premium solid wood: Designed and handcrafted in Vermont, USA Choose your table top size: Any custom size from...

    Starting at $457.95 each
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Dining Tables + Desks

  • Enjoy's exclusive EasyBase™ system: Assemble your custom dining table in minutes rather than hours – no glue or clamps needed. Traditional mortise and tenon set ups are also available
  • Custom made to your specifications: You choose the legs, dining table size, wood type and edge details
  • Create your own unique design: Made just for you by our small team of Vermont craftsmen. We are proud to offer genuine natural solid woods like White Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak or Walnut
  • Finished or unfinished table bases: Either way you order, you'll get an heirloom-grade product made with love and fine attention to detail. Each custom table is a unique work of art
  • FREE SHIPPING: Continental U.S. only. Each base is carefully packed so your top will arrive in perfect condition and ready to use. (Call 1-800-748-3480 for shipping outside the Continental U.S.)

Our kitchen and dining room tables incorporate our exclusive EasyBase™ system, enabling you to assemble the whole table in just minutes instead of hours - no glue or clamps needed. Traditional mortise and tenon joinery offered as an alternative.

DIYers love our metal and wood dining room tables. Quickly customize the look, shape and size, then assemble and finish in the comfort of your own home. Our diy dining tables can easily be paired with other pieces of furniture. Match them with a handcrafted coffee table or counter height table for a cohesive home design.

Professionals find that our speed and unparalleled quality allows them to focus on what really matters - making their clients happy. 

Our tables come in a wide variety of styles. Shop traditional or modern dining room tables, dining room tables for small spaces, high top dining tables and more. Get any table shape – be it small, large, narrow, long – we will craft it to your custom specifications.

Consider options like our Farmhouse tableMid-Century Modern table or French Farm table. For a square dining room table, round dining room table, or something else not offered on this page, you can find it with our custom table configurator

Our tables come unassembled, with the table aprons pre-attached to the table top. Once fully assembled, these tables are incredibly strong and sturdy. Add table extension slides and create your own expandable dining room table with leaves.  

We carry many popular options for finished and unfinished dining room tables for sale here on our site. Choose from several genuine solid wood types like Maple, Cherry, White Oak, Walnut or Red Oak. Mahogany may also be available, please call us at 1-800-748-3480 to check for availability.

Our top notch customer service and high quality standards make us the trusted source for dining table legs and bases online.

Our handcrafted wood furniture is designed and produced in the United States by a small team of professional craftsmen. Please allow 10 business days for unfinished dining tables, and 15 days for finished dining tables.

custom wood tables

How to assemble an EasyBase™ Dining Table:

  1. Attach the table legs to the table top assembly with one supplied tool - an Allen key

  2. That's it! Turn your table right side up and admire your new heirloom quality dining table - less than 10 minutes start to finish

How tall is a dining room table?

29" - 30" tall. The standard height of a dining table is between 29" and 30" tall. Depending on your needs, dining room tables can also be customized to be higher or lower.

How wide is a dining room table?

36" - 40" wide. Most dining tables are between 36" and 40" wide. Depending on your needs, dining room tables can also be customized to be wider or narrower.

How much space around a dining table should I leave?

32" - 48" of space. Leave at least 32" of space between any furniture / walls and your dining table. To allow passerby behind seated guests, opt for closer to 48" of space. 

What size dining room table is best for me?

Dining tables can be sized 30’’ x 23’’ up to 48" x 120". Here is a list of minimum dining table sizes: 

# of People | Min. Size

  • 2 | 30'' x 23'' 

  • 4 | 30'' x 47''

  • 6 | 30'' x 70''

  • 8 | 30'' x 93''

  • 10 | 30'' x 116''