Mill Stock + Accessories: Wood Turning Blanks

Table Leg Turning Blanks + Wood Turning Squares

Our large wood turning blanks are a cut above the rest. They are PET (Precision End Trimmed) and S4S (Surfaced 4 Sides). These advantages make them safe for wood turning on a lathe and easier to work with. These kiln dried turning blanks are guaranteed free of green wood and defects, meaning they will never rot or crack.

Versatile and incredibly strong. Table leg blanks allow you to create your own gorgeous original designs. They are the same quality turning squares used in all our high-end wood products. Woodworkers and DIYers also enjoy these large turning blanks as affordable options for wood workbench legs, guitar neck blanks and heel blocks.

Choose size and species. They come in a wide variety of sizes and wood species, from 1.75 - 4.5 inches wide and 18 - 42 inches in length. We can also cut them to the dimensions you need with our splitting and cutting services. We offer Cherry Turning Squares, Black Walnut Turning Squares, Pine Turning Squares, Red Oak Turning Squares, White Oak Turning Squares, Alder Turning Squares, Mahogany Turning Squares and Maple Turning Squares. Other wood types may be available upon request. 

Only at the trusted source. Our square turning blanks are ready for your next project. They are available as both solid and laminated turning blanks depending on the size, check the product description for details. If you are looking for where to find hardwood turning blanks online, you will find plenty of wood turning blanks for sale here. With exception of Mahogany, all wood stock is harvested in North America.