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Cabinet Hardware
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  • Finishes P. Nickel

    Metal Tips for Mid-Century Modern Legs

    Highlights Use to add a custom mixed materials look to your home Made from quality heavy-duty brass  Available in 6 finishes: antique, dark antique, satin nickel, semi-bright, polished nickel, and light antique FREE SHIPPING | Ships next...

    Starting at $15.45 each
  • HG-NONM Flat Top Ball Tip Finial Tip Finishes

    Non-Mortised Cabinet Hinges 2 1/2 Inch (Sold As Pair)

    Easy installation. Installs like a full mortise cabinet door hinge but no mortising is required. Perfect for ¾" thick frames. Leaves almost no gap between door and frame because one leaf is set inside the other. Machined to precision...

    Starting at $26.95 each
  • HK-ROND Finishes & Sizes Sizes Backplate

    Round Brass Cabinet Knobs

    Timeless round cabinet knob, solid brass and very heavy. Common size for kitchen and bath projects. Our most popular knob because it is as functional as it is handsome. Choose from seven finishes.

    Starting at $10.95 - $16.45
  • HK-DESK Screws Sizes Finishes

    Brass Desk Knobs

    Simple, understated design makes these solid brass knobs perfect as Shaker knobs, Hepplewhite knobs and even contemporary knobs. The½" size knob is the perfect knob for pull-out kitchen cutting boards or keyboard pullouts for desks. Please specify...

    Starting at $5.45 - $8.45
  • Forged Brass Bin Pulls Dimensions Finishes

    Forged Brass Bin Pulls

    Practical. All-purpose bin pulls, functional and handsome. Crafted from forged brass, these drawer bin pulls are indestructible. Popular for kitchens and pantries, small drawers get one bin pull centered, large drawers get two pulls spaced apart on...

    Starting at $18.95 each
  • HG-PREB Sizes Finishes Profile

    Precision Butt Cabinet Hinges (Sold As Pair)

    Superior brass butt hinges. Extruded brass butt hinges are vastly superior to cheaper stamped hinges. Extruded cabinet hinges are tighter, flatter and more square than stamped hinges. Seven knuckles, not five, fitted to extremely close tolerance,...

    Starting at $32.45 - $36.45
  • HK-OVAL HK-OVAL Finishes

    Oval Brass Cabinet Knob

    Ergonomically designed to feel just right. These solid brass oval cabinet knobs are hand finished one at a time. Very heavy. Versatile. A knob for contemporary and traditional applications. Often seen mounted horizontally as a drawer knob and vertically...

    Starting at $14.95 each
  • 3 sizes and 2 finishes Easy to install Complements any wood species 2" x 2" 2.5" x 2.5"

    Metal Tips for Circa Round Legs

    Add striking visual appeal: Quickly enhance your furniture with these handsome metal tips High quality solid brass: Heavy duty brass ensures these will last for generations Fast and easy installation: Simply tap the supplied matching brass pin...

    Starting at $14.95 - $24.95
  • HP-RING Sizes Finishes

    Brass Drawer Ring Pulls

    Solid brass ring pulls. Ring Pulls are drawer pulls that use a circular ring as the handle of the pull. Our Forged Circular Rings are solid brass with more heft than ring pulls from other makers. Turned brass posts feature integrated escutcheons...

    Starting at $20.45 - $28.45
  • HL Hinges 3" 4"

    Wrought Iron HL Cabinet Hinges (Sold As Pair)

    Fully hand forged. Hinges are finished with linseed oil. The resulting color is a natural, dark tone that shows off the hand work well. Hardware included. HL hinges come with black pyramid head slotted screws.

    Starting at $150.95 - $166.95
  • HG-RATT Right Left Rat Tail Iron Cabinet Hinges (Sold As Pair)

    Rat Tail Iron Cabinet Hinges (Sold As Pair)

    Hand forged. Every iron hinge is wrought one at a time, drawn out and shaped with a hammer and anvil. Each decorative iron hinge is finished with linseed oil, for a bit of sheen and preservation. Surface mount. These wrought iron hinges are for flush...

    Starting at $152.45 each
  • HP-WRGH Bean Ball & Spear Heart

    Wrought Iron Cabinet Pulls

    Perfect for cabinets. These grip pulls are a wonderful accent to both painted and natural-finish cabinetry. Sizes vary due to the hand-made nature of these iron cabinet pulls. Hardware included. Black pyramid head⅝" slot-head screws included with each...

    Starting at $58.45 - $94.95
  • HK-WRGH Sizes Side view

    Wrought Iron Cabinet Knobs

    Flat, hand forged faces. These iron knobs are first turned on a lathe. The face is then hand wrought in the traditional way to yield a knob with a flat, rusticated surface. Beautiful complement to our other cabinet hardware in iron. Hardware included for...

    Starting at $21.95 - $42.95
  • HP-FORG-WR 1 1/2" 2 7/8"

    Forged Wire Cabinet Pulls

    Versatile. Timeless, clean lined design means this pull is useful for contemporary applications as well as the simplest of country folk cabinets. Wire pulls can be mounted at any angle. The larger size is a three-fingered grip pull. Hardware included...

    Starting at $36.45 - $38.95
  • HG-WRGH-BT 2" Thin 2" Wide 3"

    Wrought Iron Butterfly Cabinet Hinges (Sold As Pair)

    Hand forged wrought iron. Wrought Iron Butterfly Cabinet Hinges are hand made for mortised cabinet doors. Traditionally finished. Hand-forged iron cabinet hinges, cured with layers of linseed oil and wax, adding color and depth to the tool-marked...

    Starting at $134.95 each
  • 2 1/2"

    Hand Forged Butt Cabinet Hinge 2 1/2 Inch (Sold As Pair)

    Hand made mortise hinges for cabinet doors. Mount like any butt hinge. Frame and door panel are mortised to fit the thickness of the hinge. Counter bored for hardware. Screw holes are countersunk to allow screws to sit flush with hinge surface. One and...

    Starting at $139.95 each
  • HG-WRGH-H 3" 4"

    Wrought Iron H Cabinet Hinges (Sold As Pair)

    Fully hand forged. Hinges are finished with linseed oil. The resulting color is a natural, dark tone that shows off the genuine hand work beautifully. Hardware included. H hinges come with black pyramid head slotted screws.

    Starting at $128.95 - $135.45
17 of 17 Items

The trusted source for cabinet hardware essentials. Made for a lifetime of daily use, and fashioned the traditional way from solid brass and forged iron.

This is the essential collection of cabinet hinges, door knobs, drawer pulls and latches. It's the classic hardware shapes, time-proven to be popular.