Custom Design/Modification: Modify Our Existing Products

Modify one of our parts

Order a custom table top or change the dimensions on one of our 100's of designs. We make any part longer, shorter, wider, narrower, or adjust other details and dimensions.

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Notching for shelves, islands and cabinets

If you are creating a kitchen island, kitchen counter, vanity, bar or cabinet, you'll love the convenience of our notching services. Precision work guarantees a perfect fit, every time.

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Mortising for table aprons and stretcher bases

Fit your table base together with the most tried and tested joinery system – mortise and tenon. Add extra stability with a stretcher base for the toughest table on 4 legs.

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Splitting, cutting and quartering

With one column, we can make for you things like pilasters for a fireplace, flat columns/half columns for interior design accents, or quarter columns to inset into your case pieces.

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Own a business?

Keep your customers happy by taking advantage of our precision notching, mortising, splitting, cutting and custom drawing services. Professionals find that using our services is easier and less expensive than going it alone. Sign up with our free Commercial Discount Program and save extra on every order.