Wood Columns: Roman Doric Columns

Roman Doric Wood Columns

Doric columns for sale in a variety of wood types. Our Doric Wood Columns are true to the form of the original Roman Doric columns of nearly 2000 years ago. They are ideal for high style interior design. These classical columns feature caps and bases, historically accurate entasis, and the option of fluted or plain tapered column shafts.

Historically accurate form

The Roman wood column design differs from the Greek wood columns in one key aspect. Roman columns have a base or base molding, while the earlier Greek Doric columns did not have a base. Our Doric columns incorporate an attic base, featuring an upper and lower torus separated by a concave curve. This was a favorite of Romans. Attic bases were also incorporated into ionic columns of the ionic order. Later on, they used in Roman Corinthian columns as well. They have been valued over Tuscan columns for the additional difficultly involved in carving the base, and the more elegant resulting profile.

Available in custom heights

Not finding the height you need? Order custom scaled columns for a perfect fit. Choose from a wide variety of premium solid wood types like Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Oak and Mahogany. These wood species are stain grade, or can be finished with Monocoat clear coat for a gorgeous natural lustre that highlights the woodgrain. Our wood products are made with care in the United States.