Wood Table Tops: Wood Countertops + Thick Table Tops

Wood Countertops and Thick Table Tops

  • Top-grade construction, built to last: 1 3/4" thick wide-board solid hardwood table tops (for thinner table tops, see custom wood table tops or round wood table tops)
  • Premium wood stock: Choose from 3 premium solid wood types. Each wood plank is hand-selected for grain and color
  • Custom size: Choose your dimensions, up to 48" x 96"
  • Hand-sanded and prepared: Choose finished with Monocoat Pure Oil for a satin matte luster, or left unfinished and prepared with 180 grit sandpaper
  • Precision cut and detailed: Handcrafted in Vermont, USA
  • Volume discount: Save up to 35% on 4 or more tops*

Get a solid wood countertop from Our custom plank style tops are the perfect solution for creating a warm and inviting setting for your home, kitchen or office. Each custom wood countertop is individually handcrafted to your specifications.

We maximize board width to minimize seams. We use only full-length, face grain boards in premium types of wood for a gorgeous, durable result—we never use butt joints or finger joints.

Enjoy the rich, natural character of top-grade thick wood in 3 of the best woods for thick countertops. We build each wood plank countertop from kiln-dried wood to resist warping and shrinking, offering strong and durable construction that lasts. Choose from a Red Maple Countertop, Black Walnut Countertop or exotic Mahogany Countertop.

Wood Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen island countertops made from natural wood are ideal for many reasons. Wood kitchen countertops create an inviting setting in any kitchen. The look and feel of natural wood is hard to beat. Premium wood island countertops are easy to care for, especially when ordered with our Monocoat natural clear oil wood countertop finish service.

Wood Bathroom Countertops

Get bathroom vanity countertops made from natural wood for a pleasant bathroom setting. The soft touch of premium wood sealed with natural clear oil makes a comfortable, satin-matte surface that resists water and bacteria.

How we make wide plank countertops:

Crafting our wide plank wood countertops takes about 15 days. Each top is made to order in Vermont—cut to size just for you.

  1. Our top-grade hardwood countertops are made starting with 8 inch wide planks. Each board is hand selected, ensuring that we can look for balanced color and consistent grain characteristics.

  2. Boards are carefully clamped together with premium waterproof wood glue and set to dry for several days.

  3. For unfinished countertops, we sand progressively up to 180 grit—perfect for the DIYer looking to finish at home.

  4. Finished countertops are  sanded up to a glossy 220 grit, then hand-coated with food-safe Monocoat natural oil to protect the wood. Monocoat creates a durable, plant-based, 0% VOC satin-matte luster that lasts a lifetime of daily use. 

Why choose solid hardwood for a countertop?

Your kitchen is the hub of activity in your home. As the centerpiece of your kitchen, your countertops bring family and friends together. Consider the difference between gathering around a warm, solid wide-plank natural wood countertop, compared to a cold steel or stone surface. When chatting, preparing food, or sitting at a breakfast bar, your choice of materials makes all the difference.

These thick wood counter tops are ideal for kitchen table tops, vanity tops, kitchen island tops, thick coffee table tops and more. Use them in the living room, laundry room, bedroom, anywhere that could benefit from the warmth of thick natural wood. Three premium types of the best woods for kitchen countertops offer plenty of style and color to match any look.

Building a diy wood kitchen countertop? Order unfinished and make your own painted wood countertop or stained wood countertop in the comfort of your home. Order finished for a ready-to-install kitchen island wood countertop. Match them to our kitchen island legs, vanity and counter height table legs, and bar height table legs

Our wooden countertops for sale are environmentally friendly. The wood species we offer are renewable resources. We use only sustainably harvested woods to help keep our forests and air healthy. It is our hope that we preserve this craft for the generations to come. All our handcrafted wood table tops and countertops are made in America at our Vermont woodshop. 

*Available on phone orders only, call 1-800-748-3480, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. eastern. Can not be combined with other discounts, shipping calculated separately. Volume discount applies only to tops with the same configuration—does not apply if top sizes are different.