Table Legs: Dining Table + Desk Legs | 28" - 29"

Desk + Dining Table Legs

Choose from over 90 styles of dining table legs, available in finished or unfinished wood types such as Maple, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Pine and Alder. At 28 to 29 inches tall, these furniture legs are ideal for dining room tables, desks and kitchen tables. These can be easily matched with legs for a coffee table or bench, kitchen island legs and more.

High quality metal dining table legs are also available, such as our 3-rod Hairpin metal table legs. These metal legs and others, such as Industrial steel legs, allow you to directly attach your legs to a table top without aprons. Our complete range options for attaching to the underside of your furniture make installation easy, like wood mounting plates or mortise and tenon joinery.

Our customer service and high quality standards have earned us a reputation as the most trusted source for wood products. All our wood legs are hand-crafted with care in the United States.