Wood Columns: Architectural Wood Columns's Architectural Wood Columns are crafted from premium solid wood in a wide variety of wood types. They come in 36", 48" 60" heights, as well as customized to the height you need. Our column designs adhere strictly to the standards of beauty set forth by the Roman architect Vitruvius nearly 2000 years ago. True to form details like fluting, entasis and the use of golden proportions help preserve the brilliance and majesty of Ancient Rome.

With excellent load bearing capacity, structural wood columns can be used as wood porch columns or porch posts. Choose from several high quality woods, like Maple, Cherry, White Oak, Alder, Walnut, Red Oak and Mahogany. Though these are stain grade, they also look amazing with a clear finish due to the striking wood grain, excellent color matching, and natural lustre.

If you are ordering these for use as exterior wood columns, keep in mind that they come unfinished so will need sealant. Our wood is of too high quality to be considered paint grade. However, if you need to paint your architectural columns, Maple is our most affordable option. Interior wood columns do not need sealant like exterior columns, however more porous woods like Red Oak and White Oak benefit from grain filler for the best possible result.

Our excellent craftsmanship and top notch customer service has earned us a reputation as the trusted source for wood products. All our wood columns are crafted in the United States.