Mill Stock + Accessories: Table Extension Slides

Our table extension slides are crafted from furniture grade hard maple. They can easily be stained or painted to match your furniture. Table slides allow you to open and close your table to add table leaves, making it easy to enjoy all your family and friends gathered around your beautiful dining table. No more rushing to push tables together and move furniture around before guests arrive. These slides make adding seats to your table take just seconds. They come in two configurations:

Standard Table Slides

For a 4 legged table with a splitting table top and base, these slides allow you to add from 26" to 52" to the length of your table. These work for tables up to 104" long, and add seating room for an extra 2-4 guests, or up to 6 children depending on which length you select. Refer to the chart on the slide page for help with selecting the right size. The precision-cut male to female butterfly notch gives these slides an easy opening action.

The advantage of our Standard Table Slides is that our design counteracts the natural tendency for drooping. They have a slight camber that ensures the top stays a flat surface, creating a stress-free dining experience with everyone together on the same level.

Equalizer Table Slides

For pedestal tables, tables with a center support, or tables with 5 or 6 legs, Equalizer Table Slides enable you to add from 26" to 52" to the length of your table. They are ideal for tables up to 104" in length, and make it easy to accommodate 2-4 additional guests, or up to 6 children. Refer to the chart on the page for help selecting the appropriate slide.

Our Equalizer Table Slides are also designed to counteract the natural tendency for drooping. A slight camber along the length of the slide ensure the top stays nicely flat whether open or closed, ensuring that none of your guests have to eat on a slope. A rack and pinion mechanism makes it so that the top opens smoothly and stays balanced.

Table Extension Slides are designed to work with our table bases and complete tables, and they will work on many other tables as well. They can be used to replace existing old slides and fix sagging extension tables. They come in pairs, one for the left side, and one for the right side. When installing, be sure to install them perfectly parallel to each other for the smoothest opening action.

These heavy duty hardwood slides are difficult to find in stores, so we offer them online for your convenience when creating a dining room table with extension slides. If you have any questions or concerns about these wood table slides, please feel free to contact us or call our customer service at 1-800-748-3480. All our wood products are made in America.