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Custom Scaling for Architectural Doric Columns


Starting at $124.95 each

Volume discount available. Call 1-800-748-3480 for quote.

Ships next business day

Modifications, attachments, finishing, or metal tip? Installation adds 3-5 business days to lead time and cannot be returned.

Per order (Not Per Item)

Product Details

We’ll scale any of our Architectural Doric Columns to the exact height you need. The width will remain unchanged. We’ll keep the taper perfectly proportioned with a historically accurate one-third/two-thirds ratio. Fee is per order, not per piece.

Ordering: You may order this service when you purchase any of our Architectural Doric Columns. Order the next size up from your desired overall height—all scaling is subtractive. (E.g. If you require a 50” column, order a 60” column with this service, rather than a 48” column.)

Please note: To modify any Fluted Architectural Doric Columns, a one-time payment of $199.95 will be applied. This service may add up to 3 days lead time to your order. Custom scaled parts are not returnable.