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Long Hole Boring


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Product Details

  • Hide wiring or install hardware within furniture legs and feet: A great convenience for efficiently concealing electrical wires

You'll get:

  • Hole drilled down center of wood leg, post or column for a wire conduit or threaded rod


  • Compatible leg post width: 2.25" - 6"
  • Maximum leg/column length: 42"
  • Hole diameter: 0.5625"  

About the Service

Often incorporated into kitchen islands, hole boring is also a great addition to computer desks, work tables and lamp stands. The hole accepts flexible conduit allowing builders to safely install electricity that meets modern building codes. 

Our specialized equipment allows us to bore long holes in wood up to 42" in length by drilling from both ends with perfect alignment in the middle. This service saves time and money while hiding wires or connecting parts with threaded rod.

How we bore long holes in wood

Boring long holes in wood can be a tedious, dangerous process. We restored a special piece of equipment that handles this for us. Our hole boring machine works like this:

  1. The part is clamped horizontally on its axis and spun at high speed
  2. A stationary drill bit is slowly indexed into the spinning part
  3. As part is bored, compressed air is forced through a small hole in the drill bit and blows out shavings, guaranteeing a crisp, clean and accurately bored hole

Notes: Ordering this service with our Custom Wood Turning service allows you to create custom wood lamp posts. We have a similar service for installing electrical outlets in legs 3.5" to 4.5" wide, see our Electrical Receptacle Cavity Notching service.