Metal Tips for Mid-Century Modern Legs

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You'll get

  • Solid brass metal tip
  • Matching brass pin

Product specifications

  • Length: 2"
  • Top opening width: 15/16" 
  • Bottom opening width: 11/16"
  • Available in 6 finishes: antique, dark antique, satin nickel, semi bright, polished nickel, and light antique
  • These Metal Tips require that your table legs be milled for proper fit (See note below)

Features and benefits

  • Free shipping
  • Ships next business day
  • Heavy duty brass
  • Accent your furniture with modern charm

Modern accents add visual appeal

These metal tips are designed to accent many of our modern legs. The tips, also referred to as ferrules, are a hefty weight and made from solid brass. They attach securely by a brass pin that taps into the leg. 

Please note: These Metal Tips require that your table legs be milled for proper fit. Only order from this page if you are capable of milling your own legs. Otherwise, select Metal Tips directly from the product page of any of these offerings and milling will be included:

McCobb Mid-Century Modern Dining Table Leg 2.375" x 29"

McCobb Mid-Century Modern End Table Leg 2.125" x 25"

McCobb Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table Leg 2.125" x 14" or 16"

McCobb Mid-Century Modern Furniture Feet, 4" to 12"

McPost Coffee Table Leg 2.25"x 16"

McPost Dining Table Leg 2.67" x 29"

Pembleton Coffee Table Leg 2.25" x 16"

Pembleton Dining Table Leg 2.75" x 29"

Any legs not shown above are not compatible with Metal Tips.