McCobb Mid-Century Modern End Table Leg 2.125" x 25"

Item No: LE-MCCB-25-SM Dim: 2 1/8" W x 25" H

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Product Details

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Hot seller! Making a statement in today's furniture design as well as yesterdays, this smooth tapered leg is proving the versatility of simplistic design - use as straight legs under straight cleats for a clean, squared design, or under angled cleats for a splayed, light, practically floating end table that suits so many stylistic settings. Named in honor of American designer, Paul McCobb, these legs are some of our best sellers, perfect for the modern minimalist. 

This simply formed leg, when used in conjunction with our cleat systems, makes for perfect end tables that are ideally suited for any Mid-Century Modern, minimalist, Danish, Scandinavian, contemporary, or even retro environments. Add metal tips, in a variety of finishes, for a unique flare.

When ordering in conjunction with cleats, be sure to specify "cleat system" so that we install bolts into the top of these legs for instant installation into cleats. Or, save time and money and order as part of a Mid-Century Modern table base set, where you will receive two cleats and four bolted legs, all you'll need is your own unique table top. Or you can order one of our beautiful wide-board table tops.

This table base set is available in 4 species. All parts are unfinished, sanded with 180-grit paper.

We can finish your parts with our natural oil as an additional service, or you can buy Monocoat Natural Oil directly from us to apply yourself. To compare unfinished and finished wood samples, click here.

NOTE: Always prepare your components properly: Before using paint, stain or varnish with your project, carefully inspect each component and prepare it to achieve the desired outcome.

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