Matt's Manifesto on Matters of Design

By Matthew Burak, Founder,

Design Is My Passion

Standing in a hotel lobby years ago, I began to study a particularly attractive antique leg under a serving table. After some time, I stood up and found a number of people also bent over looking under the table trying to figure out what had me so engaged. Once I saw the group around me, I stood up and said, “That’s a gorgeous leg!”—much to the onlookers’ surprise.

For me, the learning never ends. How does one achieve excellence in design? The unconditional elements are loving what you do and putting in your time. Ever since I was a small boy, I’ve had a passion for building and antiquities. Today, drop me off in any town and I’ll inevitably find my way to the oldest neighborhoods and the antique district. You never know when or where the next learning opportunity will present itself.

Scaled By Math And Mind

At, our designs come in many sizes—and any custom variations you need. And every variation in leg size requires a new custom-scaled leg design. We do this so you can achieve the best overall balance in your design, as you envision it. 

The proportional changes of increasing or decreasing the size of a wood turning have to be mirrored with equal-percentage change in every detail.

This process might sound just mathematical. Well, math gets you close; however, getting the math right is only the start. After the mathematical calculation, good design requires a trained eye to see what has changed for the worse, and to correct it.

Always Refining 

Design matters, and the details make the design. The process of designing requires examining every detail—defining and refining the relationship of all the parts that make up the whole. The job is never done. I’ve never designed a single product in my life that I felt couldn’t be improved.

It drives my staff and my wife nuts.  It's also what makes our designs stand out at

Happy woodworking!

- Matthew Burak


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