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ApronsChoose from two sizes of aprons. (Also referred to as table skirts.) Select 4" aprons for most tables or
5 3/4" aprons for kitchen and bath bases.
Choose your edge detail. All aprons are available either square edge or beaded for the same price. Generally the beaded lower edge balances well with legs that are 2 1/4" and smaller. Square-edge aprons work well with Shaker and Modern furniture or with an applied moulding when using legs 2 3/4" and larger.
Mortising and tenoning? Cutting your own mortise and tenon joints is a rewarding, basic, fundamental skill in woodworking. It is also a lot of work. Save time and let us do the mortises and tenons for you. See our Joinery Options.
Pocket Holes Aprons are pre-drilled with pocket holes for top mounting. Screws included for applying tops 3/4” and thicker.

wood aprons
400 Series Aprons 4" x 13/16" Aprons for Dining and Occasional Table Bases.
wood aprons
600 Series Aprons 5 3/4" X 13/16" Aprons for Kitchen and Bath Bases.
Stretcher Stock
Stretcher Stock Perfect for adding shelves and foot rails to kitchen islands, bathroom vanities & table bases.


Looking for the finest oil finish product around? We now carry Monocoat Natural Oil.


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