Wegner Danish Modern End Table Leg 1.75" x 25"

Item No: LE-WEGN-25-SM Dim: 25" H x 1.731"


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Product Details

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Top seller! Holding true to the spirit of Danish Modernism and the internationally revered style and reputation of Danish furniture designer, Hans Wegner, we offer this light, slightly curved, tapering end table leg.

Perfect for end tables that utilize a slightly different look, and ever so slightly more weight than their stylistic relative, the McCobb End Table Leg, this leg is well-suited for Mid-Century Modern, Danish, minimalist, and even retro settings. 

Named in honor of Hans Wegner who fused Danish design sensibility with mid-20th Century manufacturing advances, this leg characterizes his legacy in fashion, form, and stylistic simplicity. 

Use in conjunction with our cleat systems for beautiful, simplistic, and easily built endtables. Be sure to select "cleat systemif you wish to attach these legs into cleats. Or, save time and money by ordering these legs as a Mid-Century Modern Table Base Set for ultimate ease and style. With these sets you will receive 2 cleats and 4 bolted legs, so all you will need is your own unique table top. If you don't have one, we offer solid hardwood, wide-board table tops in several species and nearly any size - just check out our Top Shop!

This table base set is available in 4 species. All parts are unfinished, sanded with 180-grit paper.

We can finish your parts with our natural oil as an additional service, or you can buy Monocoat Natural Oil directly from us to apply yourself. To compare unfinished and finished wood samples, click here.

Please note: Wegner legs and feet are incompatible with our Metal Tips. For Metal Tips, instead order Mccobb legs or feet with a Metal Tip addition directly from the product page. 

Always prepare your components properly: Before using paint, stain or varnish with your project, carefully inspect each component and prepare it to achieve the desired outcome.

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