Dowel Screw Driver


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Product Details

  • Heavy-duty: Precision machined from high quality steel
  • Drives Dowel Screws: Easily install Dowel Screws into your furniture feet

Installing Dowel Screws requires a little woodworking skill.

You’ll need:

  • A Dowel Screw Driver
  • Dowel Screws
  • A power drill (impact driver works best)
  • An 7/32" drill bit

Part one—Foot Installation Steps:

  1. With the 7/32" drill bit, bore a pilot hole in the center of the top of your furniture foot—just over 1" deep. We recommend using a drill press to make the pilot holes.
  2. Using the Dowel Screw Driver, install the Dowel Screw into the hole, leaving 7/8" protruding to thread into your furniture. We recommend a padded clamp-on vise to hold the part in place.

Part two—Furniture Installation Steps:

  1. With the 7/32" drill bit, bore accurately positioned pilot holes in the underside of your furniture— just over 7/8" deep.
  2. Now simply insert the tip of the Dowel Screw into the pilot hole and spin your foot snugly into place.

When installing square or asymmetrical legs, you may have to adjust by gripping the leg tightly and rotating until it lines up squarely with the sides of your furniture.

Please note: If you’d like your feet to come with Dowel Screw preinstalled, simply select “Add Dowel Screw” under “Attachment Services” on the product page of the foot you’re ordering.

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