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Threaded Insert Bolt Driver


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Product Details

  • Drives threaded insert bolts: When using Threaded Insert Bolts, use this driver to install them into the foot, leg or column.

Installing threaded insert bolts requires a little woodworking skill.

You’ll need:

  • A Threaded Insert Bolt Driver
  • Threaded Insert Bolts
  • A power drill (impact driver works best)
  • An 11/32" drill bit


  1. With the 11/32" drill bit, bore an accurately positioned pilot hole in the center of the top block of your leg or column—just over 1 ¼"deep. We recommend using a drill press to make the pilot hole. 
  2. Use the Threaded Insert Bolt Driver in your power drill to install a Threaded Insert Bolt into the hole, being careful to install it vertically into the leg or column. We recommend a padded clamp-on vise to hold the part in place.

Now you’re ready to spin your foot or leg snugly into a Threaded Insert. This also works for our Cleats or Mounting Blocks.

Please note: If you’d like your legs to come with the compatible Threaded Insert Bolts preinstalled, simply add a Cleat/Mounting Bolt Installation service for each part you order.