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Threaded Insert Drive Bit


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Product Details

  • Drives Threaded Inserts: Easily install Threaded Inserts into your furniture
  • Helps align square legs: Use this to rotate your Threaded Insert to fine-tune fit

When installing Threaded Inserts, you’ll need this to install them into the mounting surface.

Installing threaded inserts requires a little woodworking skill.

You’ll need:

  • A Threaded Insert Drive Bit
  • Threaded Inserts
  • A power drill (impact driver works best)
  • An 11/16" drill bit (Forstner bit recommended)


  1. With the 11/16" drill bit, bore accurately positioned pilot holes in the underside of your furniture—no less than 13/16” deep, being careful not to drill all the way through.
  2. Chamfer the edges of the pilot hole to prevent tear out.
  3. Using this Threaded Insert Drive Bit, install the Threaded Insert into the hole.

Now you’re ready to spin your foot or leg snugly into place. When installing square or asymmetrical legs, you may have to adjust by using the Threaded Insert Drive Bit to gently rotate the insert so the leg lines up squarely with the sides of your furniture.

Please note: If you’d like your legs to come with the compatible Threaded Insert Bolts preinstalled, simply add a Cleat/Mounting Bolt Installation service for each part you order.