Equalizer Table Slides

Item No: SL-EQAL-26

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Product Details

  • Perfect for 5 and 6 legged tables or pedestal base tables
  • Designed with a slight downward arc to compensate for drooping
  • Solid North American Hard Maple
  • Measures 2 3/8 tall, 3" wide
  • Mounting screws included – 1 3/4" 
  • Sold as pairs

Equalizer slides are geared for pedestal base tables and tables with 5 or 6 legs. The gear causes them to open in both directions at the same time balancing the weight evenly. As you open your table to add leaves, these slides automatically bow down to counter the natural tendency of the table to droop at the ends. All table slides are 2 3/8" tall, and are made out of hard maple. Please note: The largest table slide we offer is 52", and works for tables up to 104" long. If your table is over 104", your table may experience sagging and would need the addition of a center support leg. 

Use this table to select the correct slide:

Length of your closed table:

Suitable equalizer table slide:

Overall table length added:

Seats added:

# of 12'' leaves needed:

26'' to 52'' 





52'' to 104''





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