Thick Solid Hardwood Table Top, Mahogany 1.75"

Item No: CS-TOP-1750-MG

Edge Detail:
Finishing Service:

FREE SHIPPING. Ships in 15 Business Days (Finishing +5 Days)

Product Details

  • You choose width and length – up to 48" x 110"
  • Solid hardwood
  • Wide-boards – 6" or more in width.
  • Square or chamfered edges and corners
  • Available unfinished or finished with Monocoat
  • FREE SHIPPING – (Continental U.S. only – call 1-800-748-3480 for shipping outside the Continental U.S.)
  • Also available in walnut or maple

Thick tops offer more to love. Our extra-thick tops are perfect for making your home cozy, comfy, and full of charm. If you are looking for a rough and rustic style, a fresh farmhouse feel, or a modern minimalistic look, thick table tops are the go-to for a bold setting.

Order finished or add your own finish. You can order your top without finish applied — sanded with 180 grit paper — or we can finish it for you with plant-based, non-toxic Monocoat Oil. This finish highlights the warmth and natural beauty of the wood. The Monocoat finish is extremely durable, and easily repairable should you ever have accidental damage.

Made just for you. It takes time to hand craft a table top to your specifications. Please check the turnaround time above. (Selecting Monocoat finish will add 5 days to the schedule.) Expedited service for an additional fee may be available, call 1-800-748-3480 for details.

Thick table tops need legs that are up to the job. Our heavy weight Farmhouse, Foursquare, and Durham are strong choices. Vase Turned columns are a good option as well. Or, for a fresher, contemporary look, go for Industrial Metal Tapered legs. These legs eliminate the need for aprons. Without aprons, the table top becomes the focal point. Just install the legs and you’re good to go.


Has a uniform texture and good natural luster, varying in color from a golden to dark reddish brown. Sapele mahogany is very hard with an interlocking wood grain. This can present challenges when cutting, but otherwise it is a very workable wood. Mahogany is stainable, but it is not recommended, as the shimmer in the natural ribboning will be reduced. Instead, opt for a good oil such as Monocoat. Mahogany is a great choice for millwork and outdoor furniture.

Scientific name Entandrophragma cylindricum, also known as sapele, is a large tree native to tropical Africa. Though distinct from genuine mahogany (Swetenia macrophyla), sapele is considered a type of mahogany, as both are in the Meliaceae family. There are hundreds of mahogany species throughout the tropical regions of the world. It has a distinct, cedar-like scent.

View more on wood species here

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