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How To Build A DIY Dining Room Table

How To Build A DIY Dining Room Table

Dec 24, 2020

Everyone has an image of their perfect dining room table in their head. Maybe it’s a twelve-person farmhouse style table with benches, cross-beams, and rustic hardware. Maybe it’s a DIY dining table for small spaces, like a gorgeous piece of reclaimed wood with hairpin legs, or a DIY square dining table for 4. Or maybe it's a simple DIY round kitchen table with no edges, no sides. Just one big circle of love and laughter that goes on and on as the centerpiece of your living space.

For centuries, the dining table has been a hallmark of the home. A place to gather, eat, talk, and celebrate as a family or community. It is one of, if not the most important pieces of furniture in your home, and deserves to be exactly what you have always dreamed it would be. Let help you get from wishing, to WOW-ing your family and friends with a perfect dining table that you built yourself.

EasyBase Options - For The New to DIY Not Afraid To Try!

The first step is deciding what design you’re going for with your DIY dining table. At, we make DIY super easy with our exclusive EasyBase system, complete with all of the hardware, wood pieces, and easy to read instructions you’ll need in order to build your very own dining table. Not big on power tools? The only tool you’ll need to complete this assembly is a simple allen wrench, included with the EasyBase system.

EasyBase kits come in a number of different styles, wood types, and finishes. Check out this French Farm Dining Table in maple, cherry, red oak, white oak, or walnut wood for a rustic, farmhouse style feel. Or, if you’re feeling a little more modern, the Fusion Wood and Metal Dining Table might be more your speed. If you already have a table top, look at our DIY kitchen table bases and DIY dining table bases for ideas. This durable yet stylish table gives a whole new meaning to DIY - who doesn’t love a quick assembly when it comes to working with metal!

If you’re looking for something outside of the EasyBase DIY systems, we carry a large array of table legs, table tops, hardware, and attachment options. Looking to build a DIY counter height dining table, or a DIY extendable dining table with table extension slides? There is something for the novice DIYer to the most experienced carpenter and everyone in between.

1. Start With The Legs

A table is only as good as the legs it stands on, and if our name doesn’t give it away, we take great pride in the array of legs that we offer.

For our DIY farmhouse dining table, we’re going to choose legs that are sleek, simple, and sure to complement your dining space. Building this table is incredibly easy. While a more elaborate table leg style is typically associated with a farmhouse table, sometimes a more simple design gives off that rustic country vibe you’re going for. For this wood project, we’re going to go with the Extra Large Shaker Dining Table Legs. They are thick, sturdy, and rustic without looking overly ornate for a simple farmhouse dining space. The solid wood, available in a variety of wood types, and tapered construction are the perfect base for any dining room table. For this project, we’re going to go with maple legs, 29” long.

The average dining room table has six place settings, so that’s what we’re shooting for. We will need four of these table legs, but if you want to go much bigger than six place settings, you may want to consider adding an additional leg on each side for added stability.

dining room table legs

2. Add an Apron

A table apron signifies a classic farmhouse table, especially as you start getting into longer and heavier wood table tops. Table aprons are not just for aesthetics, but serve an important function when it comes to heavy tables, such as a dining table.

A table apron is typically secured to the table leg utilizing the mortise and tenon method. We offer pre-cut mortising with all table legs ordered through to help make fitting up your apron a snap! Our apron stock also comes complete with pocket holes to make mounting your tabletop super easy. Calculating table apron dimensions is something our experts can help you with - contact us if you’re looking for some help figuring out what you need!

table aprons

3. Attach Your Tabletop

Tabletops are unique works of art, carrying the wood grain fingerprint of the trees they came from. We utilize 8” or larger boards, all kiln-dried with the option to finish with our Monocoat finishing oil prior to delivery.

For our farmhouse table, we are going to go with a 1” thick maple tabletop, 36” wide by 72” long, double chamfered edging detail, squared corners, and finished with our Monocoat oil. The light colored maple wood lends to the bright and cheery farmhouse feel, and the 1” thickness ensures a sturdy table ready for arts and crafts, raucous family dinners, homework marathons, or just a place for a peaceful morning cup of coffee before your day begins.

Attaching the tabletop is, as we’ve mentioned, super easy. There are a number of ways to attach your tabletop, but perhaps the easiest way is utilizing our pre-drilled pocket holes, optional with our table apron pieces. For this method, all you need is a power drill to install the supplied table top mounting screws.

attach dining table legs

What Are You Waiting For?

As you can see, has everything you need to create a stylish, sturdy, and seriously easy to construct dining room table from start to finish! Our helpful experts are standing by to help you conceptualize and execute the dining table plans of your dreams, so contact us today! We’re excited to get to work with you.