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​How to Build a Kitchen Table

​How to Build a Kitchen Table

Dec 02, 2020

When you’re planning to build a DIY kitchen table, it can be a challenge to find everything you need. Whether you’re renovating an old farmhouse kitchen full of rustic charm, or want to spruce up your modern dining area, we’ve got you covered with our top quality furniture parts.

You don’t have to live in a drafty 1800’s civil war era home to enjoy the beauty of a farmhouse kitchen table or farmhouse dining area. Let us help you capture that country feeling through our extensive selection of kitchen table legs, kitchen countertops, and all of the hardware you need to finish your own DIY kitchen projects!

1. Start With The Legs

We carry a large selection of DIY kitchen table legs in different lengths, styles, materials and wood types. Maybe you love a good mid-century Danish style with sleek lines and a polished finish? Try our McCobb Mid-Centry Modern Kitchen Leg in a dark finish, like cherry or walnut, for that warm and polished mid-century touch. 

If you prefer a more traditional look, give the Essex Column leg a whirl. Available in 34.5 or 36 inches long, this classic farmhouse table leg gives any dining area a country feel without compromising style. No matter your kitchen or dining room aesthetic, we have kitchen table legs for all your DIY projects.

Start With The Legs

2. Build Your Base

Are you keen on a DIY kitchen table without all of the DIY steps? Look no further! We offer ready-built bases to help customize the kitchen table of your dreams. Our EasyBase™ joinery system allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly with just an Allen wrench.

For example, take this Country Kitchen Table Base in maple finish. This table base is available from 10 inches long to 105 inches long, and 10 inches wide to 105 inches wide. You really can have the DIY kitchen table or farmhouse table of your dreams without the mess of clamps and glue. It’s that easy! 

Build Your Base

3. Add Your Countertop

You’ve picked out your table legs or your kitchen table base - now what? Simply pair it with one of our top grade, built to last wood countertops, and you have a beautiful finished farmhouse kitchen table. Our countertops come in a variety of sizesand wood types to pair with your DIY kitchen table plans seamlessly. 

You can choose from a square or Chamfered edge finish, and they can be made 10 inches long to 95 inches long and 10 inches wide to 48 inches wide. Our countertops are made from kiln dried wide boards, making each farmhouse table a unique work of art. 

What if you already have the base at home and are looking for a kitchen table countertop? Do you have a kitchen island that you’d like to give an upgrade to? Check out our selection of Custom Shaped Table Tops, where you’ll be sure to find the perfect top to your DIY farmhouse table. Give your dining area a one-of-a-kind heirloom farmhouse table that your friends and family will swoon over for years to come.

Add Your Countertop

4. Add The Finishing Touches

You’ve got your base. You’ve got your countertop. Now how do you finish this farmhouse table? 

Finishing the table is all in the details. Perhaps you’ve gone with the mid-century modern theme and want to add a little extra to really make those gorgeous legs pop? Try out these Metal Tips for Mid-Century Modern Legs, available in a variety of metals and finishes. Remember the cherry wood table legs we mentioned earlier? A polished or satin nickel metal tip can be just the thing to elevate your table to the next level. Add our premium quality kitchen cabinet hardware to bring it all together.

Beyond hardware, we offer a number of custom edges, fasteners, and finishes that will really give your table that next level look. Our finished table legs can be coated with two layers of VOC-Free Monocoat oil for a lush satin finish. Finishing your table to fit your style has never been easier!

Add The Finishing Touches

What Kitchen Table Styles are Available?

Farmhouse table plans usually consist of a simple hardwood top, rustic table legs with subtle detail ( fluted or box stretcher designs are commonly seen in farmhouse kitchen tables or dining tables) and are mainly constructed of wood. If you’re looking for a more industrial or modern-fusion style, metal table legs might be more your style.

Countertops are typically made from maple, mahogany, or walnut wood. DIY farmhouse tables give you the option to mix and match different types of wood with your table legs and countertops.

A kitchen table can be customized to meet many different specifications, including how many inches long, inches wide, and inches tall you’d like it to be. Looking for more of a picnic table style vs. a traditional farmhouse kitchen table? That’s the beauty of kitchen table plans - they can be as polished or as rustic as you choose!

This Is Great… but What’s the Bottom Line?

At, we are here to help you create a gorgeous table that fits your financial needs. We will craft a “cut list” (our industry term for a complete list of materials for your project) that fits your needs within your budget. You will work closely with our team of experts to choose every last detail for your perfect DIY kitchen table that complements your style and dining space.

We can’t wait to help you craft your new favorite place in your dining space. Get in touch with us for a quote, and get to building your own DIY farmhouse dining table or kitchen table today!