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Wegner Danish Modern Feet & Straight Cleat Set (4 Feet & 2 Cleats)


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Product Details

You'll Get

  • 2 straight mounting cleats
  • 4 furniture feet with heavy-duty mounting bolts attached and ready to install
  • Mounting screws to attach cleats to base. Note: Base must be ¾’’ thick or more

Product Specifications

  • 8 cleat lengths: 12'' - 36''
  • 5 feet heights 4'' - 12''
  • Available in 4 wood species: maple, cherry, white oak, and walnut
  • Unfinished, sanded with 180 grit paper
  • Mounting bolts: 2 ½'' length by 3/8'' diameter with a 1/2'' reveal

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Free shipping next business day
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Attractive design meant to be seen
  • Available finished or unfinished
  • Take pride in making your own furniture
  • Customize to match your existing furniture
  • Sets are priced lower than buying individual parts
  • Furniture maker? Easy to modify and resell 

If ordering in quantities of 10 sets or more, please allow 5 additional business days for lead time.

Choosing the Right Cleat

For maximum strength and stability, the cleats should be 1-2” shorter than the depth of the piece of furniture. (e.g., use a 20” cleat under a 22” deep case piece.) 

The Feet & Cleat Sets are designed to hold more weight than dowel screws or metal attachment plates. Each cleat is secured to your base with 6 (or more) mounting screws, and the feet are secured to the cleats with heavy-duty mounting bolts. The critical factors for maximum strength and stability are the length of the cleat and the material you are attaching the cleat to. If correctly installed into 3/4 inch material the cleats will bear considerable weight. If the material is thinner or softer—such as fiberboard—strength will be diminished. Ditto if the distance between the cleats is quite long.

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Modern Revival of a Timeless Design

The Wegner Danish Modern Feet and Cleat Set is designed with strength and versatility in mind. The signature wooden cleat system is meant to be seen and appreciated, offering an alternative to hidden metal mounting plates. Enjoy this sturdy Cleat & Feet Set under a credenza, stereo cabinet, book case, bed, sofa, tv storage unit, and more.

Hans Wegner was a world-renowned furniture designer. His contributions to the Danish Modern style put an emphasis on simplicity, strength, and organic functionality and work beautifully on Mid-Century, Danish Modern, and contemporary furniture. In the 1950’s his round tapered feet emerged as one of the most popular styles. These iconic wood feet have made a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Please note: Wegner legs and feet are incompatible with our Metal Tips. For Metal Tips, instead order Mccobb legs or feet with a Metal Tip addition directly from the product page. 

Always prepare your components properly: Before using paint, stain or varnish with your project, carefully inspect each component and prepare it to achieve the desired outcome.