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Smooth and Fluted Wood Columns for interiors, kitchen islands, cabinetry and furniture. Classic wood column designs
direct from the professional’s source.
All columns are without finish.
Perfect for kitchen island columns, cabinet columns, mantels and more. Select interior columns from 24" high
to 66" and beyond. To save time and money, specify custom column cutting options, too!
Superior craftsmanship. Each wood column is fashioned from premium stock and turned with outstanding proportion, balance and detail. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Vase Turned Columns
A column with the beautiful lines of the classic vase form found across the globe, are now available direct to you. Choose from 21 style and size options.
Morris Columns
Square tapering columns in the Craftsman Tradition.
Doric Columns with Blocks, Smooth
A timeless classic, scaled for today’s interior spaces and available in six-inch increments from 24 to 42 inches long, with top and bottom blocks.
Modular Columns
Round modular column parts are used to create free standing columns. Choose fluted or smooth column shafts.
For use as onlay moulding have the parts split to fit flush on the surface of your kitchen cabinet, wall, face frame or door casing.
Classic Doric Columns
Timeless classic, columns with both fluted and smooth shafts. Specify custom scaling to get exactly the height you need, or choose from 24 standard doric column sizes, 60" and shorter.
Doric Columns with Blocks, Fluted
Same elegant columns with fluted shafts. Available in 12 sizes with top and bottom blocks.
Doric Columns No Blocks, Smooth
No pediment or capitals on these Doric columns, just a smooth shaft and a great taper in 36" and 42" heights. Add blocks to get even longer lengths.
Doric Columns No Blocks, Fluted
Fluting adds a formal touch to these versatile columns. Add blocks to get even longer lengths.
Essex Columns - Smooth
Classic proportions blended with relaxed detail and smooth clean lines. Perfect for today's kitchen and bath environments.
Offered in 21 versatile configurations each in two weights.
Harvest Columns - Smooth
These new columns were inspired by an antique harvest table in the kitchen of designer Phillipe Model. Choose from 16 column styles in three weights and three sizes.
Essex Columns - Fluted
Classic proportions blended with relaxed detail and and beautiful fluting. Perfect for today's kitchen and bath environments.
Offered in 21 versatile configurations each in two weights.
Harvest Columns - Fluted
European styling and beautiful fluting, this column is offered in a wide variety of sizes and weights.
Craftsman Era Columns
The rich dignity of Mission-style columns, featuring clean, rectilinear forms adorned with chamfered corners that terminate in a soft ogee or "lambs tongue."
Doric Column Collection
A timeless classic for today's interiors. Choose fluted or smooth in infinite customizable lengths from 24” up to 60” long.

COLUMNS – Nothing says “classic” like wood columns. That’s because the classic column designs have been around for a long while – since before the rise of ancient Greece!
But it was the Greeks who developed many of the classic column principles we still use today to make the best column designs. And it was the Romans who continued to refine and document these principles. Balance. Scale. Proportion. These are the principles that guided the Ancients. These are the principles that guide us in the columns we design for you.
We have created several Doric column variations to help you get classic column looks for you particular interior wood column project. Columns with blocks attached top and bottom give you flexibility for kitchen island projects. Columns without blocks feature shaft and trim, and are really useful for interior half-wall columns and fireplace mantles. Modular columns are based on the Doric column design, but give you interchangeability and versatility for cabinetry and door trim.
If you need Craftsman-era interior columns, there are two product lines. The Morris Column Collection is the only collection of true tapering Mission-style columns for interior work that we know of. And, the Craftsman Columns feature a clean, rectilinear form adorned with chamfered corners that terminate in a soft ogee or "lambs tongue."
If you are looking for interior columns that don’t have all that historical baggage associated with them, Matthew has designed two fantastic Transitional-style columns. Both the Harvest Column and the Essex Column use classic forms, but in a unique way that makes them more versatile in contemporary interior design work.
Kitchens by their nature require a lot of custom design work. To help you, has many column variations giving you most all the upper post and lower block options you could possibly need for cabinet and kitchen island work. Nowhere are there more options for interior wood columns.
Still, if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, we can modify your columns upon request for a very nominal fee. It is hugely valuable to you to be able to adjust most any column dimension to fit your need. Longer, wider, taller blocks, shorter shaft lengths are easy modifications for us to make, so you get just what you need.
Other things you may want to know about our columns:
If you have a custom column design you need made, we would be happy to quote you on that work.
For porch columns, replacement porch posts and spindles, we offer a selection of outdoor woods that resist rot and decay.
If you need your columns custom-machined, we can split, notch, quarter and more!


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