Furniture Legs: Counter Height Table Legs

Counter Height Table Legs

Our broad selection of over 100 counter height table legs range in height 34 ½", 35", 36" and 42" tall. They come in your choice of premium wood types like Maple, Cherry, Alder, Pine, Red Oak, Walnut, Mahogany and White Oak, and in metal like stainless steel. They are ideal as support posts for kitchen islands, counter tops, bars and tables.

Made just for you

With our custom modification services, you can have these counter legs split for applying to a cabinet face, quarter for applying to corners of case pieces, notch them for shelves and several other options depending on the requirements of your project.

All wood counter legs are available hand-finished with Monocoat Pure Oil or unfinished – hand-sanded to 180 grit. These can be matched with many of our bar height table legs and legs for kitchen islands. This quality is not offered elsewhere, as all our wood legs are made in the United States.