Hepplewhite + Shaker
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  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Hepplewhite Dining Table

    Distinctly delicate. This table, in the high-style design popularized by English furniture designer George Hepplewhite, is clean and unadorned. The Hepplewhite design is one of the most-used in history, and this table is completely compatible with other...

    Starting at $382.95 each
  • HK-SHEN-BD Sizes Side View Finishes

    Sheraton Bead Cabinet Knobs

    The best historical accuracy is found in these Sheraton-style cabinet knobs. Made just like the original Sheraton cabinet knobs, with knob and back plate stamped from solid-sheet brass. The neck of each knob is turned from solid stock, then tapped for...

    Starting at $17.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Shaker End Table

    The right foundation—legs expertly designed for Shaker-style end tables. Our slender Shaker leg balances perfectly with a 3/4 inch tabletop of your choice of wood species. This end-stand-height table is derived from the furniture of the Shaker...

    Starting at $372.95 each
  • HP-FORG-WR 1 1/2" 2 7/8"

    Forged Wire Cabinet Pulls

    Versatile. Timeless, clean lined design means this pull is useful for contemporary applications as well as the simplest of country folk cabinets. Wire pulls can be mounted at any angle. The larger size is a three-fingered grip pull. Hardware included...

    Starting at $18.45 - $19.95
  • HP-WRGH Bean Ball & Spear Heart

    Wrought Iron Cabinet Pulls

    Perfect for cabinets. These grip pulls are a wonderful accent to both painted and natural-finish cabinetry. Sizes vary due to the hand-made nature of these iron cabinet pulls. Hardware included. Black pyramid head⅝" slot-head screws included with each...

    Starting at $31.95 - $34.95
  • HK-WRGH Sizes Side view

    Wrought Iron Cabinet Knobs

    Flat, hand forged faces. These iron knobs are first turned on a lathe. The face is then hand wrought in the traditional way to yeild a knob with a flat, rusticated surface. Beautiful complement to our other cabinet hardware in iron. Hardware included for...

    Starting at $20.45 - $39.95
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Durham Coffee Table, Thin Leg

    Lighter looking sturdiness. The Thin Durham leg not only works in a country setting, but with its crisp corners and four-side tapers, it also looks modern and even industrial in a contemporary setting. When the situation calls for stability with a...

    Starting at $382.95 each
  • Maple Cherry Red Oak Walnut White Oak

    Durham Dining Table, Extra Large Leg

    These Durham legs are the thickest legs in our four-sided tapered series. As such, the Durham design is ideal for the beefiest dining tables, more relaxed designs and even rustic, country furniture. The table top has clean lines evident in the square...

    Starting at $1,001.13 each
  • 2 1/2"

    Hand Forged Butt Cabinet Hinge 2 1/2 Inch (Sold As Pair)

    Hand made mortise hinges for cabinet doors. Mount like any butt hinge. Frame and door panel are mortised to fit the thickness of the hinge. Counter bored for hardware. Screw holes are countersunk to allow screws to sit flush with hinge surface. One and...

    Starting at $75.95 each
49 of 49 Items

Hepplewhite + Shaker Furniture Parts

These simple, charming furniture parts are derived from the furniture of the Shaker community at Enfield, New Hampshire (about an hour south of our Vermont shop and well worth a visit). Shaker style tables feature clean lines and minimal ornamentation. 

Select from a wide variety of Hepplewhite and Shaker furniture parts in high quality real wood types. Our table legs are turned, carved and tapered to yield a variety of incredibly strong, functional forms. They are offered in premium woods like Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Alder, White Oak and Mahogany. All our wood Hepplewhite and Shaker table legs are crafted in the United States.

Easy Attachment. Your choice of easy attachment options like metal plates, our exclusive Wood Mounting Blocks, threaded inserts, t-nuts, our exclusive EasyBase™ system, and mortise and tenon joinery make it easy to attach your furniture legs as you like.

Finished or Unfinished. Order your legs unfinished and paint or stain them at home, or order finished with Monocoat natural oil for a clear, satin-matte lustre that lasts. Unfinished solid wood table legs are carefully sanded to 180 grit, while finished legs undergo additional sanding for a gorgeous result.

Only at The Trusted Source. If you are looking for where to buy Hepplewhite and Shaker table legs online, you will find plenty of options for wood Hepplewhite and Shaker table legs for sale here. Our top-notch customer service and high quality standards have earned us a reputation as the trusted source for wood products online.

Upgrade to an EasyBase™ Table Base. Why spend hours waiting for the glue to dry when you can have your table base ready to go in just minutes? Get just the base you want for any Hepplewhite and Shaker furniture. Select from any of our best-selling options shown on this page or use our table base configurator and take advantage of over 1,000,000 unique combinations.

Shop Custom Hepplewhite + Shaker Table Bases

Add a Table Top! Pair your Hepplewhite and Shaker table base or direct attachment legs (legs with the addition of Wood Mounting Blocks or all metal legs) with one of our wide-board, solid hardwood table tops crafted in Vermont. These tops are hand made from 6.5” or wider boards. Our kiln-dried woods are carefully matched for grain and color. Choose your size, species, thickness and edge profile.

Add A Custom Table Top

Or upgrade to a Complete Hepplewhite and Shaker Table. Instead of ordering your table top and base separately, why not order them together? We make it easy to order a complete table with everything you need included. Select from our most popular EasyBase™ designs or use our complete table configurator and take advantage of over 1,000,000 unique combinations.

Shop Custom Hepplewhite + Shaker Tables