Threaded Steel Inserts (pkg of 10)

Item No: HX-STIN-34 Dim: 3/4" diameter x 13/16" long


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Product Details

Our precision-milled Threaded Steel Inserts are a rugged, attractive and versatile way to attach furniture feet and legs. We recommend this option when superior shear strength is critical: low beds, coffee tables, end tables, small dining tables and case pieces. This is a great choice for knock-down pieces or designs where you want the attachment hardware to be invisible—all you see is the clean lines of your furniture.

Threaded Steel Inserts are 3/4" in diameter x 13/16" long. They accept our 3/8" threaded steel insert bolts.

Installing threaded inserts requires a little woodworking skill.

  1. Bore an accurately positioned 11/16" pilot hole in the underside of your furniture.
  2. Break the edges of the pilot hole using a chamfering bit to prevent tearing the edge of the pilot hole when installing the insert. 
  3. Drive the threaded insert into the hole.

Now you’re ready to spin your foot or leg snugly into place.

You can order some legs and nearly all our feet with a heavy-duty, 3/8" bolt installed as an option, ready to install into the threaded insert on your furniture’s underside. Be sure to check the Threaded insert option under attachment services when you order parts.

Click here if you need attachments for your drill to install these inserts.

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