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Vanity Legs

Vanity Legs
Build furniture-style bathroom vanities.
This selection of tall legs features long top posts which can be easily trimmed to custom vanity heights. Add wide aprons to help conceal plumbing realities. The stretcher block legs and tapered legs can accommodate a shelf.

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Our Popular Vanity Base Kits

Stretcher Block Legs
These three lines of legs offer a large variety of leg designs featuring a stretcher block above the foot. Available smooth or fluted.
Footed Legs
Taller legs with turned feet. No "stretcher block" above the foot.
Tapered Legs
Two-side and four-side tapered legs in a variety of sizes and post heights for your kitchen & bath projects.
Wood turnings with a definite base (as opposed to a foot) at the bottom, scaled from furniture-size to room-size.


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