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Wood Table Tops

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Solid wood tabletops made without plywood, chipboard or veneers that eventually fail. Just premium hardwood.

Made in Vermont. Unfinished table tops crafted with care and detailed by hand.

Fast shipping direct from our shop to your doorstep. Packed for safe arrival. We guarantee it.

Create a table that suits your space and reflects your personal style!

Lots of choices!

  • Rectangular, Square, and Round Tabletops
  • 100+ Standard sizes
  • 6 Species
  • 3 Top thicknesses
  • 7 Edge details
solid wood table tops from

Tabletops for the Busy Cabinet Shop

Purchasing a ready-made table top for your next dining table project will speed production, reduce labor and eliminate waste. Yes, you have the equipment and skill, but do you want to spend your valuable time milling, gluing, milling again, routing, sanding, sanding, and sanding some more? Our table tops are precision cut with the edge treatment already applied and sanded. All that is left to do is finish. These tabletops are perfect for the shop owner who wishes to grow business without growing the company’s workforce. We can supply you with one top or one hundred.

Tabletops for the D.I.Yer

You can now get just the top you want for your coffee tables, dining tables, benches, end stands, desks and kitchen islands. Also, the tops are sized to match our standard table base kits. Just apply your own choice of finish. For some folks, making a table top can be problematic. A lack of equipment, raw material and experience can be a challenge. So the problem becomes ‘how do you purchase the walnut raw stock for your new bathroom vanity, defect the boards and prepare them for milling and gluing?’ The answer: let us do it for you!

Made in Vermont and Built to Last!

Your tabletop will be made with solid hardwood lumber ranging from 2" – 6" in width. We apply your specified edge treatment and sand the top with 150-grit (fine) sandpaper. A small amount of sapwood or variation in color only adds to the character of these artisanal Vermont-made table tops.

Can I Customize My Top?

Easy! Follow the step by step process to build your table top. Choose from three different shapes, thickness options of ¾", 1" or 1 ¼", hundreds of size combinations, and six standard species (hard maple, soft maple, cherry, red oak, white oak, and black walnut). Our Table Top Thickness Guide can help you decide what thickness to choose. You can also choose from seven edge treatments. Plus, you have the option of rounding the tabletop corners by applying a corner radius to your top. In total over 48,000 different combinations of table tops!

Pair your custom tabletop with one of our standard table base kits or order a custom table base kit to go with your new tabletop.

We are proud to say that since 1995 has been the woodworkers’ trusted source for table legs, kitchen island legs, and architectural columns. After table legs, folks associate us with table base kits. We feature dining table base kits, coffee table, end table, and pedestal kits in various styles from Queen Anne forward in style to our signature Farmhouse line.

So now when you ask us “Where can I get the table top?” The answer is, “Right here at”


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