Attachment Systems: Attachment Hardware

"Invisible" leg attachment hardware for professional woodworkers and DIYers. These systems allow you to create your own screw-in table legs and furniture feet. With the exception of Metal Plates, these attachments cannot be seen when installed properly.

  • Straight and Angled Metal Plates are ideal for Mid Century Modern feet and legs 25" or under. These attachments are ideal for lightweight applications.  
  • Threaded Inserts allow you to install any leg into a mounting surface 1" thick or more. This creates an incredibly strong attachment, ideal for apron-less tables. 
  • T-Nuts are the strongest attachment option—ideal for large, low furniture where the top side of the bottom panel is hidden from normal view, or for unfinished pieces that will be covered, upholstered or layered with another piece of wood. T-Nuts install down through the top of your mounting surface.
  • Dowel Screws are useful for low furniture that is seldom moved. This is the most convenient option, at the trade-off of some durability due to threading directly into wood. 

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