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Joinery Options

Joinery Options
The mortise and tenon joint is one of the most important joins in the construction of quality furniture. The slot or hole in the wood is called the mortise, the tongue or projecting part of a piece of wood is called the tenon. When properly crafted, the tenon is fitted into the mortise, glued (and often pegged) to form a wood joint of superior strength. Virtually all furniture base kits by Classic Designs feature mortise and tenon joinery throughout. (An exception occurs with the pedestal tables, which feature a precision hardware system for additional strain protection).

Corner Braces
Corner Braces Use corner braces for extra support or for building knock-down, easy to move table bases.
Metal Corner Brace Kit
Metal Corner Braces Join aprons with a corner brace and lag bolt for legs 2 1/4" or smaller.
Mortising The mortise is the slot in the leg post.
Tenoning The tenon is the projecting tab at the end of the apron.
Hardware for Furniture Bun Feet
Bun Foot Hardware & Service Easily attach bun feet and table legs with these hardware options.
All sold installed to the legs and bun feet you order or sold separately.
Table Cleats - Top Flattener Cleats, Straight & Angled Leg Cleats
Tabletop Flattener Cleats & Leg Attachment Cleats Wood Cleats for tables. Just add table legs and a table top for a great modern table.


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