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Base Kits

Get professional quality without the price tag.

Dining Table, Coffee Table, End Table, and Vanity Base Kits.

What could be more satisfying than sitting at a table you built yourself?

Easy to assemble wood table base kits are guaranteed to go together fast and easy, with just common sense. No power tools required!

Balance, scale and proportion are built into every base kit we make. Whether you choose a farmhouse kitchen table, a formal dining table or a side table, you'll get classic good looks with every base kit.

Quality is built-in. All parts are solid wood – no plywood! Each base kit comes with precision-cut motise and tenon joinery for quick assembly. All part are fine sanded, the aprons are even pre-drilled for the mounting of your own table top. Table tops sold separately.

We also offer custom base kits!

Dining Table Base Kits
Dining Table Base Kits Choose from 17 styles. Classic lines let the beauty and integrity of each design complement any dining room.
Coffee Table Base Kits
Coffee Table Base Kits A welcome presence in any living space.
Pedestal Table Base Kits
Pedestal Table Base Kits These tables will bring function and style to your living area.
Hall and Sofa Base Kits
Hall and Sofa Base Kits Traditional styling gives an elegant look for your home.
Vanity Base Kits
Vanity Base Kits Vanity base kits for upscale projects.

TABLE BASE KITS – Table base kits are an expression of what we did long before there was a Before we chose to focus on making the finest table legs in America, we made some of the finest wood furniture in America. The business was called Matthew Burak Furniture, and Matt led a team of skilled artisans in making colonial reproduction tables, beds and case pieces the old-fashioned way. We have made thousands of tables over the decades.
The furniture kits we make represent Matt’s most enduring table designs. For the DIYer, the kits are an easy way to get a great table at a great price. The reward is not just a table, but a unique table – assembled and finished with one’s own hands. For the commercial woodworker, the benefits are similar, with the table base kit also being an efficient way to boost production while saving labor.
Each table base kit comes with everything you need to put together your own quality table base – instructions, hardware, etc. You can complete your kit by ordering a tabletop from us!
Cutting a good wood table base kit is no easy thing. Each table design benefits from the use of modern equipment as well as traditional know-how. Creating quality components for wooden table base kits is no easy task. At we combine the use of state of the art CNC milling and turning machinery with triagonal mortise and tenon assembly. The CNC technology allows us to achieve the highest level of precision cutting. The mortise and tenon joinery is historically accurate and proven to be the strongest assembly technique for building wooden dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, kitchen islands, vanities and benches.
Blending the best of the traditional engineering with the accuracy of modern technology make our kits exceedingly simple for you to assemble. Matt put a dining table base kit together in 17 minutes flat. Yes, Matt is a skilled woodworker, but our testimonial pages are full of comments from DIYers who tell not only how easy these kits are to assemble, but also how delighted they have been with the quality of each kit.
There is a FREE step-by-step table base kit assembly video.
We also offer custom base kits !
• We can make almost any size base kit you want. For the largest
tables, we can make six and eight-legged table base kits.
• If you need a kitchen island, or bench seating, we can kit those out
for you using our standard leg designs, or even your own leg designs.
We can notch the table or island legs for projects that need shelving, foot rails, extension slides or h-stretchers underneath. If your kitchen island is to have a stone top, we can notch the top of the leg to accept the steel bracing that supports the heavy stone countertop.
Try one of these base kits. You’ll be glad you did!


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