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Bun Feet

Bun Feet for Cabinets & FurnitureClassic, High Quality.
Unfinished bun feet and ogee bracket furniture feet in a vast array of styles for country to contemporary furniture designs.
The finest selection of furniture feet, from two to twelve inches high.
Choose with confidence from the professional’s source for premium bun feet, sofa legs and cabinet feet.

Newport Bun Foot Series
Newport Bun Foot Series Our best selling bun foot design!
Choose from two sizes, plus smooth, fluted, or spiral fluted.
Mid Century Modern Foot Series 4"-12"
Wegner • McCobb • Lasdun
Simple shapes and clean lines are the hallmark of Mid Century Modern & Danish Modern furniture. Here is a collection of retro style furniture feet from 4" to 12" tall.
Ogee Bracket Feet for Cabinets and Furniture
Ogee Bracket Furniture Feet High-style furniture feet, carved from true ogee moulding stock. Available in Queen Anne and Chippendale styles.
Farmhouse Bun Foot Series
Farmhouse Bun Foot Series This line offers six styles of bun feet that coordinate with our best selling 303-Series Country and Farmhouse kitchen legs and table legs.
Bristol Bun Foot
Bristol Bun Feet The toe gives you a lighter look at the floor. A very versatile bun foot.
Coronet Bun Foot Series
Coronet Bun Foot Series Choose from three heights, 5" to 8" tall, in this bun foot series.
Stapleton Bun Feet
Stapleton Bun Feet Solid footing. These bun feet come in three sizes.
Bethel Bun Foot
Bethel Bun Feet A mid-size foot, with a low profile
height of 2 5/8".
Dover Bun Foot
Dover Bun Feet A large-scale bun foot, but with a low profile.
Bun Feet - Tahoe Bun Foot Series
Tahoe Bun Foot Series The tallest bun feet in our four-sided tapered bun foot line at a height of 5". Available in three widths.
Bun Feet - Dallas Bun Foot Series
Dallas Bun Foot Series At 4" tall, these are the mid-height bun feet in our four-sided tapered bun foot line. Available in three widths.
Bun Feet - Alta Bun Foot Series
Alta Bun Foot SeriesAt a height of 2 3/4", these are the shortest bun feet in our four-sided tapered bun foot line. Available in three widths.
Colony Bun Foot Series
Colony Bun Foot Series A favorite bun foot style of traditionalists, available in three sizes.
Dorset Bun Feet - Square Bun Feet for Cabinets & Furniture
Dorset Bun Feet Medium height bun foot with dramatic ogee curves.
Hayden Bun Feet - Square Bun Feet for Cabinets & Furniture
Hayden Bun Feet The most generously proportioned square bun foot in the line-up. Ideal cabinet foot for large projects. Compare to the smaller Jay foot.
Mansfield Bun Feet - Square Bun Feet for Furniture & Cabinets
Mansfield Bun Feet Wide, low profile bun foot. Compare with smaller Lincoln foot.
Vail Bun Foot
Vail Bun Feet A mid-size foot with a solid stance.
Bolton Bun Feet - Square Bun Feet for Cabinets & Furniture
Bolton Bun Feet Taller bun foot curving to a smaller toe gives the look of lightness at the floor.
Richmond Bun Foot
Richmond Bun Feet At 7" tall, use this bun foot with upholstered furniture and cabinet work.
Bell Bun Foot
Bell Bun Feet This bun foot will give your furniture a feeling of sitting lightly on the floor.
Portsmouth Bun Foot Series
Portsmouth Bun Foot Series Our largest design in bun feet, choose from three sizes. Great for upholstered furniture.
Jay Bun Feet - Square Bun Feet for Cabinets & Furniture
Jay Bun Feet Similar to Hayden bun foot, the Jay cabinet foot is not as wide, giving a lighter look at the floor.
Bromley Bun Feet - Square Wood Bun Feet for Cabinets & Furniture
Bromley Bun Feet The best square bun foot when you want height, but with the heft of the foot carried low to the floor.
Lincoln Bun Feet - Square Bun Feet for Furniture & Cabinets
Lincoln Bun Feet The smallest of the square bun feet. Compare to larger sibling Mansfield foot.
Decorative Bun Feet - Spiral Fluted Newport Bun Foot
Decorative Bun Feet Fluted and spiral fluted versions of our exclusive bun feet designs.

BUN FEET– As you can see from the variety of furniture foot images above, we call ‘bun feet’ any furniture foot from about 2" tall up through sofa legs about 12" tall. This diverse array of furniture feet includes a 17th century English “Colony” Bun Foot, a high-style Ogee Bracket Foot, a 1950’s Mid-Century Modern Furniture Foot, and many more.
Typically, low furniture feet are fitted underneath case pieces, cupboards and upholstered furniture. This makes the furniture seem ‘visually lighter’ by getting it up off the floor. In modern kitchen design we see bun feet used with this same intent. Cabinetmakers fit bun feet and ogee bracket feet into the toe-kick space of the base cabinetry. Using furniture feet in this way gives a furniture look to the utilitarian kitchen cabinet, and it makes the cabinet box appear a little lighter by getting it up off the floor, supported by the underlying bun feet.
If you are looking to coordinate the appearance of your base cabinets with a kitchen island or dining table, at we have just what you want. We offer perfectly matched bun foot options for most of our leg designs. In essence, the foot of the table or island leg is turned identically to the bun foot design that goes in the toe-kick.
Because bun feet are down low to the floor by nature, they take a tremendous beating. Our ogee bracket feet are a shining example of how design skill and quality construction translate into the highest level of durability for you. Here’s the story. The original inspiration for our Chippendale Ogee Bracket Foot came from an antique chest, bought at a country auction in Danville, Vermont. The chest was an important and beautiful blanket chest, brought into Vermont by the personal assistant of General George Washington. The chest had bumped around from Philadelphia to New York to Vermont over several generations, and the delicate chest foot was still in perfect repair.
Like the originals, our ogee bracket feet are made by incredibly talented hands. Each foot is cut from a single board and ‘folded’ so the resulting grain pattern is continuous, and the color match is perfect. To add strength to the inherently weak end-grain glue-up of this foot design, a blind spline joint is crafted into the 45-degree miter joint. Even though you can’t see it, the spline makes the miter joint five times stronger, so that the furniture feet you get from us will prove to be as durable as the feet on the best antiques.
This commitment to quality makes our furniture parts special. From our simplest bun foot design to our most complex each foot is period correct and properly designed for balance and proportion. For an in-depth article on how design details on furniture feet can influence the character of a piece of furniture, please click here .
We sell hardware to make the attachment of bun feet very simple. We also offer a bun foot hardware service, where we fit the chosen hardware into the bun foot for you.


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