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Hepplewhite 36"- 42" Kitchen & Bath Legs

Hepplewhite Two-Side Tapered Legs
The most complete selection of tapered legs in the industry.
Thinner legs are faithfully scaled to delicate 18th Century ideals, perfect for sleek, uptown and Shaker projects. Choose bigger legs for folksy projects, lofty spaces and mega-kitchens.
Save valuable shop time and order Milling Services for pre-cut mortising, notching or trimming to your exact height requirement.
Also available:
29" Hepplewhite Dining Table Legs
25" Hepplewhite End Table Legs
18" Hepplewhite Coffee Table Legs

Large Hepplewhite Legs 36"
2 1/4" x 36"
9 1/4" post

Country Hepplewhite Legs 36"
2 3/4" x 36"
9 18/" post


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